2010 Chase Log


June 5th

Please note that in 2010 I was mostly focused on taking photo's of lightning not chasing tornadoes so I did not chase as many storms in 2010. But June 5th, will be a day I will never forget. I was out taking photo's of lightning and this lightning was like nothing I had ever seen CG (Cloud To Ground) Lightning every half seconds. After about 15 minutes of snapping pictures I looked to my left and saw a huge rain curtain I had no time to react and I got slammed by 70mph winds and torential rain. Then out of nowhere my car started slidding across the road I was scared for my life after it had past I drove home to the safety of my house, Power was knocked out in my hometown for the rest of the day. What made this storm so unexpected was it had NO Severe Thunderstorm Warning, NO Tornado Warning NO nothing! It went on into Marysville, Ohio which is now my hometown and knocked down and twisted a row of powerlines. It then continued into the Timberview Subdivison piercing tree brances through walls and in some cases toppling and uprooting trees on top of houses. The tornado then continued East and snapped a tree and through it onto the road the tornado then crossed the street and tore a roof of a house and scattered it over 100 yards and even threw shingles 2in into the ground. The neighboring house had part of there garage ripped off of there foundation and had the trees in the front yard snapped in half the tornado finally lifted after hitting those houses. This is what inspired me to start chasing tornadoes I knew this could never happen again.