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The third installment of the DVD is out! With mind 
blowing scenes of Softball size hail crushing the 
vehicle, to propane tanks exploding, to fighting with 
the bear in his cage capturing a tornado nobody had 
seen. This DVD has it all! Pick up your copy today! 
an hour and fourty five minutes of non stop action! 

Warning: Mild Language Throughout 

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Run Time 1hr 46minutes 
Please allow 5-7 days for shipping
CAUTION:Mild Language Throughout

The third DVD will be one to remember. 2013, would not be a year like any other.
Not because of massive amounts of tornadoes, but for the size,
and magnitude of the tornadoes.
Also, 2013 would be responsible
for killing storm chasers for the first time. In this DVD, you will
see the moment we met Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras,
and Carl Young.You will witness the RAW power of a
yes you herd that right. Stationary EF4 tornado
near Bennington, Kansas. You will see jaw dropping structure
in Nebraska, and even right here in our home state of Ohio.
When it produced a once in a life time chase, bringing multiple
supercells to the Ohio valley. Also, see the tornado most did not get,
when an EF2 unexpected tornado hits Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.
Thinking the season was over, we were wrong, and were treated
to a historic 
tornado outbreak on November 17th when a tornado
hits Lebanon, Indiana. Then finally, the last chase of the season,
when we come within yards of an EF2 tornado as it passes in
front of us, taking power lines and a semi with it. 

Storm Chasing 2013 DVD



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It's finally here! The second storm chasing DVD has been released!
This time Ohio Storm Chasers takes you through an epic journey
through tornado alley USA! In this DVD you will see us take you within 100 yards
of a quarter mile wide wedge tornado, Multiple tornadoes in Kansas during
a high risk outbreak in April, Insane structure you will have to see to believe,
and hail the size of tennis balls! Over 8,000 miles it has all come down to this!
Check out the movie trailer below and when you're ready
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